i’ve been trying to make our own yogurt and bread  this year.  with school and work i decided i may not have time for too many extra’s in the kitchen – but these two are easy so i’ve committed to try to keep them in stock.

it’s really so easy. here is a little breakdown.

you need a pot to hold your milk.

4 cups of milk (i use 1% because that is what we drink)

you need a thermometer (a meat one will do)

and you need this stuff  Yogurmet (found in the organic section at Superstore)

you then take 4 cups of milk and heat it on your stove til 180 degrees (i stir mine maybe twice in the time it takes just to make sure it doesn’t burn – not labour intensive at all)

then you take that milk off the burner and let it cool til 108 degrees (it takes maybe 10-15 minutes)

then you take a small cup mix the Yougurmet with a little milk until it disolves

stir the mixture into your large pot of milk and then take that milk and stick it into a jar or glass container

wrap it in a towel. put the light  on in your oven (it provides the right amount of warmth to incubate the milk) and voila…  in 7ish hours you will have yogurt.   easy or what.

if you are one that uses your oven more than once a week you may want to look into a yogurt maker – basically does the same thing as an oven but fits on your counter.

i’ve seen quite a few at thrift stores (or kijiji) – so don’t get suckered into a new one!

happy yogurt making.



5 thoughts on “yogurt.

  1. Is the yogurt sweet?
    but i guess i would need to replace the oven light bulb i burnt out first…
    I have absolutely no counter space for a nifty yogurt maker.

  2. yay blogging 🙂 i figured it was time to stop stalking and start my own 🙂 lizzy, i forgot to say i usually put maple syrup on the top of the finished stuff – it’s so yummy. lisa, can’t wait for our february date. and amy, i love blog world and i love you and do you have a blog i don’t know about – this would make me so happy 🙂

  3. You have re-inspired me! I had kinda gave up making yogurt after about 4 botched efforts. But I just got a sweet Yogurmet yogurt maker off of kijiji ($90 brand new, got it for $25), and I am super pumped to make it again! Yessss!

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