my new laundry friend

i’ve had this container of borax under my sink for at least six months.  i had heard it was a good natural cleaner – but had no idea what to use it for. so i did a little research the other day and found that it is a natural, safe,  laundry booster and cleaning agent.

i tried it out the other day. i put 1/2 cup in my laundry (with my soap). it worked. it really does make my whites whiter, and my colours brighter.  or it made me think they were anyway.

and if you want to learn more about borax here are a few sites to check out…

green living tips

what is borax

healthy green living

20 mule team borax

happy laundry day.




2 thoughts on “my new laundry friend

  1. I have also just started using this stuff! I use Pink Solution for our laundry (very green and very cheap!), but I found that it wasn’t doing much for my whites. Alas, the Borax is!

  2. Hurray!! A Dana and Justin blog! So happy for another way to keep in touch. I would love to start using Borax, but it is darn hard to find. The only place I can consistently find it is Zellers, and I’m not a huge Zellers fan. We used boxes and boxes when we had our bug problems a while back as Borax was supposed to help keep them away.
    Also, loved the pics of your new place. So charming.

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