ethical theories paper

today i woke up with one goal. to finish my ethical theories paper. one goal for the day. not too hard. so this is what i did.

i made the bed.

i swept.

i dusted.

i did the dishes.

i sat for far to long on the computer – looking up everything but ethical theories of social work.

and then i made popcorn – cause every paper must be done with a snack.

my popcorn is almost done and i still haven’t started my paper.


6 thoughts on “ethical theories paper

  1. I love that I just got to experience a little bit of your day! Especially because it was a procrastination day. Yay! See you tomorrow for another intense time of bootcamping.

  2. I have the same computer, dusting mitt, and popcorn bowl… and I ate popcorn out of it yesterday. I just thought you should know. BFF!

  3. Three cheers! You are amazing. I have been up for over two hours now. I am still in my pyjamas and all I have done is eaten an english muffin, looked at for absolutely nothing and updated my blog. Now I will dust and sweep.

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