more inspiration. and a picture of fall. my favourite season.

here’s a bit of friday inspirational links from winnipeg (we’re here for spring break. j went to visit his grandpa. i should be doing homework)

we bought these stamps (the alphabet ones) the other day at anthropologie. i stamped and it made me happy and made me think of how i wish i could stamp with these.

i love these little shoes.  i would pick a favourite for you but really, i love them all.  and her blog.

sometimes i think about having kids. and i think about them learning and creating. and i dream of having a room like this.  what a wonderful little space.

i found this recipe. and it made me dream of summer. coming in from working in the garden and warm and a bit tired. and going to my freezer and finding this to eat. mmmm…

sometimes when i’m not wanting to do homework i find my self on the apartment therapy website. taking house tours.  they’re all pretty awesome. but this i found particularly awesome.

and finally some inspiration. brene brown. she talks alot about vulnerability. and creativity. and i am inspired. i read this the other day.  and just in case you don’t follow the link to read it – i’ll copy my favourite part of this post:

“As I look around at the political and social struggle around us, I’m reminded of my own struggle to find/reclaim faith in my life. As a lover of all things certain, I wanted faith to work like an epidural; to numb the pain of vulnerability. As it turned out, my faith ended up being more like a midwife – a nurturing partner who leans into the discomfort with me and whispers “push” and “breathe.

Faith didn’t make my life less vulnerable or comfortable, it simply offered to travel with me through the uncertainty.”

beautiful, yes?  what a profound picture of Jesus as a midwife walking through life with us.

and finally a picture of my feet standing on fallen leaves. i can smell the crispness of fall.  this day j and i went scavenging for twigs for our fireplace. it was a fun little adventure.  i like adventures with him.

and with that i should be back to my policy paper. yay homework. yay blog. yay inspirational links.



top 5 things to do if you are in the neighbourhood.

1. experience the goodness of  balboa park – justin and i love this place – we’ve spent a few solid days of our married life in this wonderful little park. love. love. love.

once in the museums you may want to take pictures like…

you may want to breath deep around these…

and then you may just want to have fun – and dress up in museum clothes and take funny pictures with funny backdrops..

eat lovely food, and then grab a quick shot of espresso…

2. enjoy the beach. and climb on rocks. get your feet wet. it’s good for the soul.

3. In-N-Out Burger is a must. eat a burger. and be happy.

4. and make sure to play with the baby. baby giggles. also good for the soul.

5. and finally enjoy the sunshine. relax. soak it in. and this may be how you may feel…

fresh oranges and family.

farmers markets. family. and fresh oranges. equals a lovely family holiday.

i looked through my pictures today.  it seems like it was just justin and ari on this trip.  looks like i have lots of pictures to take tomorrow so that in 20 years i remember that her parents and grandma and great aunts and uncles and grandpa were all around too.

go here.

you should go here. on saturday. if i was home i would. for many reasons. number one my friend amy. number two crafts are so cool. and number three this is the coolest poster. and if we’ve learned one thing it is that cool posters make cool events.

everywhere inspiration.

one of my favourite things to do is blog surfing. nerdy. i know.

i follow this one blog and every monday she has ‘inspiration monday’ where she links to all sorts of things she’s found in the last week. being inspired by ‘inspiration monday here is what i’ve come across lately (and i’m not going to lie – some are straight out ‘inspiration monday’)

i saw this and have been dreaming of braiding my hair since.  and dressing cool. dreaming of both really.

i’m always a fan of free and was pretty excited when i found this site.  this woman designs the greatest pages of fun and all you need is a printer to have them yourself.  what a nice person to share like that.

This definitely made me want to design and decorate a doll house.  so i’m putting out the word – if you find a doll house for sale give me a call.  i think it would be very fun.

and i really like these shoes.

and this little dress.

and this made me excited for valentines day.

and this made me excited for canning.

and this made my cheese making dreams come true (i will post on that later).

and tomorrow i’m going here.

and i’m very excited.

happy inspiration thursday.

belated birthday bingo.

B. betcha you think it’s easy to dab all the numbers quickly. think again. i couldn’t talk and dab at the same time. this game takes skill.

I. i’m pretty sure you can guess who was the sole winner of the night. yes. the seasoned pro and birthday girl.

N. never a dull moment at bingo. a was almost there. then e. then a. then e. but a was still happy. the bingo hall just brings out the happy in people.

G. golf ball. why did you have a golf ball at bingo? no, no, those are our lucky charms. yes. the lucky charms that won E that crisp $10 bill.

O. oh bingo. why did you fail me. why did i miss dabbing a number. i could have won. but i didn’t. so sad.

bingo. followed by tims. and connecting. and enjoying dear times with dear friends. thanks for growing up in valley view e.  we are better people because of it.  here’s to blogging and glee and all things nerdy. happy belated birthday.