a lovely day.

rosthern. i have a fascination with this small town. the thrift store, and station arts center, the old signs on buildings, the big trees, the large yards with no fences,  and the big brick building on the corner that happens to be for sale – where in my mind i have already set up a little home on the second floor (you should just look at this building) .  sigh…

no visit to rosthern is complete with out a visit to the thrift store and a stop at the station arts for lunch.  i have no pics of the soup but here a few of the treasures i found while shopping with my friend…

this sunshine-y pot for my plant.

i love these frogs. myriam was nice and let me buy this one even though she found it. what a nice person.

this most beautiful book with amazing pictures.  you will see these pictures in a later post. hopefully colour photocopied and framed all over our house.

$3.00. yes please. these picture don’t do this beautiful light fixture justice.  it needs to be cleaned. i may spray paint it white or maybe not. i believe it may be the new addition to our bedroom.

a view from the top. so you can get a greater feeling for this new member of our family. i love her…

added to that i played with my niece, visited with my sister, now am settled in at home for a cozy evening of homework.  just lovely.

on another note, myriam and i were talking today about collaborative consumption (see here – well worth the 16 minutes to watch), a fancy word for sharing really.  we began to talk about what we could share. so i have decided that i could share my dehydrator and my sewing machine – so if you are in need of either feel free to call me.  i would love to put our ambitions of sharing to practice.

happy friday.


5 thoughts on “a lovely day.

  1. Love the light too! Oh and the frog – my granny used to make those and had one at every sink in the house.
    Sounds like a fun day! ( Take me next time 🙂

  2. Dana, first of all, it is so nice to read a little about your life! So refreshing; we miss you and yours quite a bit these days.
    Also, what is it about old buildings and little towns, hey? My jaw just about dropped when I clicked on the link and saw that old bank. It just screams potential. What a beautiful building; so much stone in the middle of the prairie!
    Buy it! Live in it! We will take up drinking coffee for the sole purpose of supporting you! I am realizing that there is nothing quite like watching my family and friends’ dreams come true, and for some reason I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you and Justin. Say hi to him if you think of it! I look forward to hearing about your move to Rosthern… 😉

  3. I was totally envious of your light fixture when I read this! I found a pretty sweet one today at MCC, so I am not quite as envious… but still maybe a little:)

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