belated birthday bingo.

B. betcha you think it’s easy to dab all the numbers quickly. think again. i couldn’t talk and dab at the same time. this game takes skill.

I. i’m pretty sure you can guess who was the sole winner of the night. yes. the seasoned pro and birthday girl.

N. never a dull moment at bingo. a was almost there. then e. then a. then e. but a was still happy. the bingo hall just brings out the happy in people.

G. golf ball. why did you have a golf ball at bingo? no, no, those are our lucky charms. yes. the lucky charms that won E that crisp $10 bill.

O. oh bingo. why did you fail me. why did i miss dabbing a number. i could have won. but i didn’t. so sad.

bingo. followed by tims. and connecting. and enjoying dear times with dear friends. thanks for growing up in valley view e.  we are better people because of it.  here’s to blogging and glee and all things nerdy. happy belated birthday.



3 thoughts on “belated birthday bingo.

  1. this is the second night in a row that i’ve spent blogging. i’m even going to post a new one. i’ve been inspired. thank you.

  2. BINGO!!! Truly, so fun… I am going to link to THIS. VERY. POST on my blog because hey; it’s what all the cool kids are doing! Love you studly ladies!

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