everywhere inspiration.

one of my favourite things to do is blog surfing. nerdy. i know.

i follow this one blog and every monday she has ‘inspiration monday’ where she links to all sorts of things she’s found in the last week. being inspired by ‘inspiration monday here is what i’ve come across lately (and i’m not going to lie – some are straight out ‘inspiration monday’)

i saw this and have been dreaming of braiding my hair since.  and dressing cool. dreaming of both really.

i’m always a fan of free and was pretty excited when i found this site.  this woman designs the greatest pages of fun and all you need is a printer to have them yourself.  what a nice person to share like that.

This definitely made me want to design and decorate a doll house.  so i’m putting out the word – if you find a doll house for sale give me a call.  i think it would be very fun.

and i really like these shoes.

and this little dress.

and this made me excited for valentines day.

and this made me excited for canning.

and this made my cheese making dreams come true (i will post on that later).

and tomorrow i’m going here.

and i’m very excited.

happy inspiration thursday.


2 thoughts on “everywhere inspiration.

  1. tee hee…. I very much liked this post. The ending made me smile 🙂 And you should know that you do dress cool and that your hair would work perfect with braids. Have a great trip!

  2. Dana, I haven’t really told anyone outside of my family this, but I also have some serious cheesemaking dreams. I don’t know why, but for the past 3 or 4 months I have been longing to make things from scratch, and cheese is one of those things. I peeked at that link, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same idea as this recipe I found on youtube a while back. I’m including it here in case you are interested – hope that’s okay…

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