childhood abounds at the krushel home

my dear husband.  if anyone know’s my husband they know he has a special little section of his heart devoted to 80’s toys, and all things from his childhood. so i thought i’d let you get a little picture of the excitement that came to our house this week in the form of a little ebay purchase…

the package came. much joy was had anticipating the goodness within.

the opening began. requiring much concentration as to not damage the memories.

concentration was taken to a new level when the exacto knife was brought out to carefully open the wacky packs (fyi: i had previously never even heard of these 80’s collector cards – oh the new things marriage brings to one’s life)

pure joy. opening the packages and seeing your new wacky pack cards. i would just like to say that is not a fake smile. that is a true ‘i am so very happy’ smile from my husband.

and there you have it. a childhood ambition realized.  ebay: $6. justin’s happiness: priceless.

and just in case you were curious at what was inside these mysterious packages – here you have it – wacky pack cards. wow.

if you would ever like to take a little trip down memory lane. you are welcome to come over.

a whole new world of toys and reminiscing has been brought into my life since i met justin. so much so that i was actually quite excited when i found this. oh fisher price little people how you brought such a happiness to children.

i like you husband.


seedy saturday here we come.

well tomorrow is seedy saturday. and if you live in the area you should meander over to E.D Feehan high school and check it out between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.  and while your day you should come and say hi to me and the garden crew.

we are going to have a little demonstration of an african bag garden.  i’m just finished our little sample garden and felt like i was doing a fun school project.  so here it our little sample african bag garden…

it’s snowy and cold so obviously we don’t have real garden plants (just some real house plants that should not be eaten) but you get the idea. such a way to have garden with very little space.  i think i might try a real version of this this summer.

if you want the instructions on how this all works and what to plant where look here (or you could some to seedy saturday and i would give you a hand-out!).  and then watch this sweet little girl from uganda tell you how it works.

and finally some beautiful pictures of beautiful people next to their beautiful little gardens.

gardening. i miss you. and can’t wait  until we’re together again.

come soon summer.

what to post? what to post?

well life has just continued since we returned from our two weeks away. work. school. and i’ve taken up a new little project as a research assistant for a prof at school. which i am more than excited about. but feels a little boring to talk about on the ol’ blog.

and so the question remains. what to post?

how about a little youtube fun.

i watched this and fell in love with this little girl and this song. and a couple days ago spent the evening learning this little diddy on guitar. love it.

then i was over at amy’s yesterday and she showed me this. i thought it was pretty funny. i watched it again today and have had this song stuck  in my head ever since.

i found this last year sometime. but still think it is brilliant and you should watch it.

that’s all for today. happy youtube video’s to brighten your day. have a good one.