seedy saturday here we come.

well tomorrow is seedy saturday. and if you live in the area you should meander over to E.D Feehan high school and check it out between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.  and while your day you should come and say hi to me and the garden crew.

we are going to have a little demonstration of an african bag garden.  i’m just finished our little sample garden and felt like i was doing a fun school project.  so here it our little sample african bag garden…

it’s snowy and cold so obviously we don’t have real garden plants (just some real house plants that should not be eaten) but you get the idea. such a way to have garden with very little space.  i think i might try a real version of this this summer.

if you want the instructions on how this all works and what to plant where look here (or you could some to seedy saturday and i would give you a hand-out!).  and then watch this sweet little girl from uganda tell you how it works.

and finally some beautiful pictures of beautiful people next to their beautiful little gardens.

gardening. i miss you. and can’t wait  until we’re together again.

come soon summer.


4 thoughts on “seedy saturday here we come.

  1. Where are you!? I keep checking back and alas no new posts. I enjoy your blog so keep up the good work!

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