what to post? what to post?

well life has just continued since we returned from our two weeks away. work. school. and i’ve taken up a new little project as a research assistant for a prof at school. which i am more than excited about. but feels a little boring to talk about on the ol’ blog.

and so the question remains. what to post?

how about a little youtube fun.

i watched this and fell in love with this little girl and this song. and a couple days ago spent the evening learning this little diddy on guitar. love it.

then i was over at amy’s yesterday and she showed me this. i thought it was pretty funny. i watched it again today and have had this song stuck  in my head ever since.

i found this last year sometime. but still think it is brilliant and you should watch it.

that’s all for today. happy youtube video’s to brighten your day. have a good one.






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