childhood abounds at the krushel home

my dear husband.  if anyone know’s my husband they know he has a special little section of his heart devoted to 80’s toys, and all things from his childhood. so i thought i’d let you get a little picture of the excitement that came to our house this week in the form of a little ebay purchase…

the package came. much joy was had anticipating the goodness within.

the opening began. requiring much concentration as to not damage the memories.

concentration was taken to a new level when the exacto knife was brought out to carefully open the wacky packs (fyi: i had previously never even heard of these 80’s collector cards – oh the new things marriage brings to one’s life)

pure joy. opening the packages and seeing your new wacky pack cards. i would just like to say that is not a fake smile. that is a true ‘i am so very happy’ smile from my husband.

and there you have it. a childhood ambition realized.  ebay: $6. justin’s happiness: priceless.

and just in case you were curious at what was inside these mysterious packages – here you have it – wacky pack cards. wow.

if you would ever like to take a little trip down memory lane. you are welcome to come over.

a whole new world of toys and reminiscing has been brought into my life since i met justin. so much so that i was actually quite excited when i found this. oh fisher price little people how you brought such a happiness to children.

i like you husband.


3 thoughts on “childhood abounds at the krushel home

  1. So funny! Those cards must be a boy thing as I don’t remember them but Jeff does. Would love to the rest of the collection to put me back to my childhood. Take care : )

  2. Does one card say “Dr Pooper”? At first glance I thought it was a Dr Pepper. But I really hope it’s Pooper instead of Pepper! I’ve never heard of these cards, but glad your hubs could find some good old fashioned joy by being reunited with them!

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