summer anticipation.

 i love pinterest.  and if you don’t know what that is you should meander on over after you are done reading.  but be warned, it’s almost worse than facebook for addiction levels.  boo to that.  yay for the inspiration that is found there.

well there is is this section on pinterest that’s displaying all sorts of beautifully inspiring quotes, which is where i found the above.

it makes me think. when was the last time i looked at the stars. or sat still and just listened.  or stopped to look around me.

in my heart i know the time is soon. and this makes me very happy.

exams and final papers are done.  (well for me they are – justin is still in his office studying away for a couple more weeks).

this is what life has looked like in our house for the past while.

humourous really. but i kid you not this is a real feeling you are seeing. a feeling very familiar to the both of us in this home lately.

And so we greatly welcome summer. and rest. and sunshine. and watching the stars. and sitting still to listen. and stopping to just watch the world around me.  i think i will live differently when these things are part of my life.

and so here is my wish list for this summer.

canoe. garden. spend a night or two in a yurt (here!). meet a new baby. spend time with family near and far.  celebrate birthdays. watch a play. float in a lake. bike. walk. picnic. lay in the sun. read a book or two.

it’s really a simple list. but i cannot wait. the anticipation is heavenly to me.

and now i leave you with a few beautiful pictures from the beloved pinterest site.

happy dreaming about summer…