week-end events.

this week-end i… 

finished the first draft of a book that i am putting together for a research project (it’s much less impressive then that sentence would make it sound!).  for those of you who don’t know in my spare time i do some research assistant work for a professor at the university.  right now i am working on a photo voice project that has to do with aboriginal women who have experienced incarceration and homelessness. it’s been a wonderful life giving, wisdom bringing project to be involved in.  when it’s all done i hope to be able to share some of it here.  all that said, it’s a good feeling to see the end of a project i’ve been involved with the last year. 



thought of what it will be like to be old and wrinkly with j.  i’m pretty sure its going to look like this. 

Imagewent shopping with my mamma. went to the bay. was delightfully surprised that it was bay days.  shoes that were regularly $130 for $40. yes please.



go outside.

i love to read blogs.  and lately i’ve been seeing great video’s popping up all over the place.  here’s my try at a little video of our lovely afternoon on wednesday.

the song is ‘go outside’ by cults. just so you know.


a lovely day.

i signed up for instagram this week and have quite enjoyed looking at everyone’s pictures.  it’s fun to see a quick glimpse into people’s lives.  here are a few from my day today…

i had the most lovely of days today.  j and i went to the mcc thrift store in rosthern, ate some delicious soup at the station arts, and then headed out for an afternoon of skiing.  i couldn’t have dreamed of a nicer way to spend the day.  


creative day number one.

yesterday i had the idea to do a bit of a make-over on my room.  we’ve lived here for a year and half now.  and so for about a year and half i have not liked our bedroom.  it’s felt cramped and ugly.  so last night i was inspired to change this ugly room.  i moved around the furniture, found some extra frames kicking around and bought a roll of washi tape and voila a room make-over (pictures of the whole room later).  

last year i bought this great set of stamps from anthropology.  it has always been my plan to stamp ‘come thou fount’ to hang on the wall. it reminds me of singing special music at church, playing it for chapel at bethany, and walking down the isle when i got married – all lovely memories.  so today was the day the great stamp project was completed.  it took a long time to finally get around to completing this project that has been swimming around my head but today i did it.  and i liked how it turned out.


it’s been a while…

i know this about myself.  i start things with much eagerness and anticipation of all the fun that will be had and i do have fun for awhile. and then life gets busy and forget that i like to blog.  i had a good time that few months last year when i was faithful to this little space on the internet.

so here i am again.  no apologies.  no guarantees as to how long i will be around.  i’ve been doing my final practicum for this social work degree that i have been slowly chipping away at for years and years.  it’s taking more out of me than i expected.  it’s harder than i expected.  it makes me want to cry more than i expected.  i feel like i have little to give right now.  i have had these urges to start taking pictures, to write more stories like i used to but  haven’t listened cause i have been just too tired.

tonight i listened to my dear friend amy’s courageous and beautiful project (please do yourself a favour and listen to it here ) and was inspired by creativity and vulnerability and the search to know ourselves deeper.

this week is spring break.  i anticipate rest. i anticipate spending time with friends and family.  and tonight i decided to anticipate creativity.  my goal is to use this space again for a week.  to tell stories and take pictures. every day this week.  and we’ll see. maybe i’ll want to keep going after a week. or maybe i won’t. time will tell.