it’s been a while…

i know this about myself.  i start things with much eagerness and anticipation of all the fun that will be had and i do have fun for awhile. and then life gets busy and forget that i like to blog.  i had a good time that few months last year when i was faithful to this little space on the internet.

so here i am again.  no apologies.  no guarantees as to how long i will be around.  i’ve been doing my final practicum for this social work degree that i have been slowly chipping away at for years and years.  it’s taking more out of me than i expected.  it’s harder than i expected.  it makes me want to cry more than i expected.  i feel like i have little to give right now.  i have had these urges to start taking pictures, to write more stories like i used to but  haven’t listened cause i have been just too tired.

tonight i listened to my dear friend amy’s courageous and beautiful project (please do yourself a favour and listen to it here ) and was inspired by creativity and vulnerability and the search to know ourselves deeper.

this week is spring break.  i anticipate rest. i anticipate spending time with friends and family.  and tonight i decided to anticipate creativity.  my goal is to use this space again for a week.  to tell stories and take pictures. every day this week.  and we’ll see. maybe i’ll want to keep going after a week. or maybe i won’t. time will tell.



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