creative day number one.

yesterday i had the idea to do a bit of a make-over on my room.  we’ve lived here for a year and half now.  and so for about a year and half i have not liked our bedroom.  it’s felt cramped and ugly.  so last night i was inspired to change this ugly room.  i moved around the furniture, found some extra frames kicking around and bought a roll of washi tape and voila a room make-over (pictures of the whole room later).  

last year i bought this great set of stamps from anthropology.  it has always been my plan to stamp ‘come thou fount’ to hang on the wall. it reminds me of singing special music at church, playing it for chapel at bethany, and walking down the isle when i got married – all lovely memories.  so today was the day the great stamp project was completed.  it took a long time to finally get around to completing this project that has been swimming around my head but today i did it.  and i liked how it turned out.



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