week-end events.

this week-end i… 

finished the first draft of a book that i am putting together for a research project (it’s much less impressive then that sentence would make it sound!).  for those of you who don’t know in my spare time i do some research assistant work for a professor at the university.  right now i am working on a photo voice project that has to do with aboriginal women who have experienced incarceration and homelessness. it’s been a wonderful life giving, wisdom bringing project to be involved in.  when it’s all done i hope to be able to share some of it here.  all that said, it’s a good feeling to see the end of a project i’ve been involved with the last year. 



thought of what it will be like to be old and wrinkly with j.  i’m pretty sure its going to look like this. 

Imagewent shopping with my mamma. went to the bay. was delightfully surprised that it was bay days.  shoes that were regularly $130 for $40. yes please.



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