this week.

i was back at my practicum this week.  a little less tired than before the break which feels good.  i went to this concert. Image

with my dear friend Dana Perkins… i’ve said it before but i’ll say it again. it feels so good to be with a friend who has known you so so long.  it fills up this spot in my heart that i usually forget is there until it’s getting full again. friends.  how lucky we are to have our wonderful little community. 

and i would just like to say i heart jann arden.  oh my, the music, the laughter.  i highly recommend seeing her when she’s in your part of the world.  

on another note.  i wrote/drew out a little inspiration last night.


sometimes, ok more than sometimes, i get home and instantly head to the internet to entertain my evenings away.  and i forget that there is actually other things that can fill my time and brain in my house. when i was on my break last week it was so enjoyable to fill my time with good things around my home.  but the inspiration quickly leaves after a day of work.  so hopefully this is a good reminder. 

and finally stay tuned for this. 


i’m doing this march photo a day challenge on instagram but also spreading the love on the old blog and joining up with my friend amy loewen to do an interprovincial blog project around this… doesn’t that make it sound so cool.  haha.  

anyway, stay tuned for my exciting daily pics 🙂 




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